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40 guests stuck on ride at Chessington World Of Adventures

Guests at Merlin’s ‘Chessington World Of Adventures’ theme park are feeling a little stiff after they were left hanging 20ft in the air on ‘Ramases’ Revenge’. The Huss ‘Top Spin’ ride (pictured), malfunctioned mid way through a sequence, stranding riders as young as 8 years old on the ride.

The malfunction caused the restraints to lock, meaning that engineers couldn’t free the thrill-seekers. Fire fighters were called and, shortly after the park closed at 5pm, began cutting the restraints to free the riders. Reportedly, no one has been hurt during the incident, but those involved are no doubt slightly stiff and stressed from the ordeal. The process is currently still ongoing.

What impact this has on the ride’s future is anyone’s guess, with the ride likely to be out of action for some time while the incident is investigated and the restraints are replaced. It’s possible that the sister ride- ‘Ripsaw’ at Alton Towers may also be taken out of action to avoid a repeat of the malfunction (however unlikely this is) at the Stafford park. We’ll keep this post updated as more news comes in.

Incidentally, the G.E.E.K team were at Chessington just yesterday and rode Rameses Revenge without any issues. We’re sure it goes without saying that we’re not sure we’d have enjoyed 2 hours stuck in over the shoulder restraints!

Photo & Source- Sky News

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