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'Smiler' ride vehicles unveiled

Alton Towers have tweeted a number of pictures of the cars for their forthcoming world beating coaster- ‘The Smiler’. With the track progressing nicely, this is the first glimpse we’ve been given of the ride vehicles. There’s been a lot of speculation over what the cars would look like, including what kind of restraints would be used. Many had hoped for the newer, much more freeing, lap bar restraints. However, the Towers have stumped for the standard over the shoulder restraints. Although with a rumoured 14 inversions, we think that might be for the best!

We’re planning on visiting the park in the next few weeks so we’ll bring you an update on the ride’s construction close up. Plus that May opening date is getting very close! #ReadyForMarmalization

Source: Alton Towers/Towers Times


(Source: altontowers.com)

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