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Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg

You know, I used to love the classic Ducktales game - I had it on the old NES and it was certainly up there on my list of favourite games (though if you were to ask me what my favourite NES game I’d eagerly show you my current phone desktop, here you go: 


Today we learn that Capcom are going to be releasing a Remastered version of Ducktales, aptly named Ducktales Remastered, go and check out the trailer. If you don’t sing along you’re either too old, too young, or you’re letting the side down. As loud as you can please, and with vigour. 

Even more exciting is the news that they are using the original cast for voice overs, including the not so young Alan Young, who gave our beloved  Scrooge McDuck a voice. 


Straight from the horses mouth! Or, umm. Duck. :)

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